Integrated Professionals Forum( IPF)is a banner for  professionals of various fields driven by one vision, that is social commitment irrespective of Religion, Caste or economic barriers. Ethics is at the root &healthy Nation Building follows.

Integrated professional forum (IPF) is a new initiative by young professionals. Its vision is to develop ethics driven and socially committed professionals and guiding them to an active role in the society and nation building process. It aims to include professionals from differnt fiels like, Doctors, Engineeres, Advocates, CAs/CMAa, Managment professionals, Entrepreneurs, University/College teachers etc.


"Developing socially committed , ethics driven professionals
contributing in nation building process"


  • Medical forum

    It is platform for professionals from all fields of health care sector, say Allopathy, AYUSH etc, and paramedical professionals as well. It functions with the objective of professional development of medical practitioners and of the IPF members in particular, as well ethical and personal strengthening of them through various interventions. It also plan to utilise the skills and competencies of these professionals in the community development activities especially in the health care sector and medical relief initiatives.
    1. To enhance the public health care system through capitalising the advances in medical sciences and promote research and development in the field of medical sciences
    2. To promote community focused and people oriented health care system
    3. To enhance the skills and competencies of medical professionals through various interventions
    4. To channel the knowledge, expertise, and competencies of health care professionals in community development initiatives especially in health related areas as well as nation building process

  • Economic Forum

    IPF economic forum is a network work of entrepreneurs, management professionals, academicians and researchers with a spirit of knowledge sharing and collaborated movement for the integrated development of business and enterprises and society as a whole.
    It aims to strengthen the existing entrepreneurial network and graduate them into a high growth path and nurture new, good potential and promising entrepreneurs for the benefit of the society.
    To work closely with industry, academia and government for initiating better management and development process
    To make salutary contribution to management learning and practices

  • Technology forum

    1. Promote professional network among engineers and techno crats
    2. Channel the advancement of engineering technics to the industry, social development and nation building process
    3. Enhance the exchange of knowledge, ideas expertise among engineers and technocrats
    4. Utilise the expertise in social development initiatives
    5. To promote the professional development of members
    6. Design and implement employability orientation and training program for Freshers
    7. To provide career related services for engineers
    8. To actively involve R&D initiative

  • Lawyers forum

    1.  Coaching for Judges Exam.
    2.  CLAT
    3.  Legal aid to the poor and downtrodden by setting up LEGAL CLINICS.
    4. Counselling centres
    5. Seminars on constitution of India specially on Fundamental Rights
    6. Pre and post marital counselling along with dispute resolution forums
    7. Schemes for law students and junior advocates
    8. Identifying panel of Advocates

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