IPF Tech Forum Launching

01 Dec

Greetings from IPF Tech Forum.
Hope You and Family are fine.

Our Country’s Tech Revolution Has Already Left The West Behind. And Bengaluru is Becoming India’s Tech Capital. It is here that IPF India invites your honored presence on 8th December 2019 for an interactive get together of high profile technology experts and Men of Science at a function organized to launch IPF Technology Forum.
Integrated Professionals Forum,shortly IPF has already made its presence felt in many a fields such as IPF Medical,Lawyers,
Teachers,Civil Servants ,Economic Forums etc.
Your individual presence will give us an invaluable energy to create and discuss our future plan of action. Kindly mark the date and be ready for this great Conference.

Please register online in the link provided.



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  • Kkkazhder
    February 25, 2023

    Thanks, +

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