It is a platform for professionals from all fields of health care sectors say Allopathy, AYUSH etc, and also paramedicals as well. It functions with the objective of professional development of medical practitioners and of the IPF members in particular, as well ethical and personal strengthening of them through various interventions. It also plans to utilise the skills and competencies of these professionals in the community development activities especially in the health care sector and medical relief initiatives.
» To establish a platform for medical professionals to achieve morality, purity with firm
» To enhance the public health care system through capitalizing the advances in
medical sciences and promote research and development in the field of medical
» To promote community focused and people oriented health care system
» To enhance the skills and competencies of medical professionals through various
» To channel the knowledge, expertise, and competencies of health care professionals in
community development initiatives especially in health related areas as well as nation
building process
» To Setup and supervise hospitals and community medical centers for the relief of people.

»  To Promote professional network among engineers and technocrats
»  To Channel the advancement of engineering technics to the industry, social development
and nation building process
»  To Enhance the exchange of knowledge, ideas expertise among engineers and
»   To Utilize the expertise in social development initiatives
»  To Promote the professional development of members
»  To Design and implement employability orientation and training programs
»  To Establish employment guidance and placement cell
»  To Actively involve R&D initiative.
»  To Apply technology for the welfare of society
»  To Give legal awareness to people on technology and other aspects

» To Supervise and guide researchers for finding solutions to socially relevant
» To Form a group of eminent and expert research supervisors in all domains
who can give assistances to students pursuing research in universities and
other research centers.
» To Conduct national and inter national conferences which enables researchers
to share their thoughts, ideas and to present the research outcomes.
» To Publish a well reputed international journal winch can enable researchers
for communicating their research results.
» To Arrange training programs to give awareness to researchers on research
methodology, ways and tools of technical writing and assist them to publish papers
in referred journals

» To Conduct training programs that should result competent teachers who are very
effective in their profession.
» To Focus on a group of teachers capable of handling immoral activities of students so
as to produce model students and good academic culture.
» To Organize activities for updating contemporary knowledge and tools with an
objective of guiding students towards the requirements of future needs
» To Promote mentoring systems among students and teachers
» To Prepare useful materials and conduct awareness programs to parents and students
on positive and negative impact of social media.

It is network of entrepreneurs, mangers, business executives, CA,CS, CMAs and Economics and Management academicians.
It aims to strengthen existing entrepreneurial network and graduate them into a high growth path, and nurture new, good potential and promising entrepreneurs for the benefit of the society. With this objective IPF will engage in Entrepreneurship Development Programme, setting up of incubation laboratory for entrepreneurs, mentoring, capacity development programmea, investors orientation programmes, developing investors’ pool, idea hunt, or any other activities which will result in the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem.

» To Strengthen the existing entrepreneurial network and graduate them into a high growth
path and nurture new, good potential and promising entrepreneurs for the benefit of the society.

Aims :
» To Work closely with industry, academia and government for initiating better
management and development process
» To Make salutary contribution to management learning and practices
» To Establish an interest free financial corporation ( By abiding Indian laws) for promoting –
self help groups through micro finance, startups through seed and angel funding s,
existing businesses through VC funding etc.
» To Establish incubation labs
» To Connect mentors and mentees
» To Connect entrepreneurs and investors

» To Conduct deep study of legal points that may lead to injustice to people and suggest
remedial measures.
» To Give awareness to people on important and necessity of obeying laws and
on need of maintaining legal records
» To Conduct coaching for Judges Exams.
» To Prepare students for CLAT
» To Provide legal aid to the poor and downtrodden by setting up LEGAL CLINICS.
» To Establish Counselling centers
» To Conducting legal Seminars (e.g.:- constitution of India specially on Fundamental
» To Start Pre and post marital counselling along with dispute resolution forums
» To Start supporting Schemes for law students and junior advocates.

» To Provide guidance and ways of approach to public on how and from where
different services can be obtained.
» To Prepare and distribute procedures and forms (if needed) to get various
government services.
» To Setup helpdesk services for various governmental and non-governmental services
» To Conduct quality improvement programs for institutions / N G O s

» To Setup a platform for sharing ideas, debates and get together
» To Setup a Journalism training center
» To Help for setting up the media management strategy for Institutions/N G O s
» To Develop media outlets for Institutions/ N G O s and also to help for media kit
» To Create Think tank on media activism
» To Setup a lab for continuous updation and